Our Story Nocturna Studio

Our Story Nocturna Studio

We are a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Indonesia. We are bounded by our passion in design for human and environment orientation. It is an honor for us to create and develop a special design masterpiece for you, where we can show that the design is not only to beautify or to get your sales good, but let me tell you, that to us: a design is about your visualization of your identity, your value, and your future hope. Design is a journey of discovery. So, if you want to start your journey with us, do not hesitate to contact.
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Alamat : Puri Cempaka Putih 1 DD/15 RT.01 RW.05

Kel. Arjowinangun, Kec. Kedung Kandang

65132 Kota Malang - Jawa Timur

Telp : +6281216510105

Email : contact@imagostudio.net